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    91% of Sales employees
    have room for progression
    in their current role

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    91% are also on career
    development plans

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    A quarter believe they’ll change
    jobs in the next 12 months

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    Two thirds of businesses foresee
    a shortage of suitable candidates
    in the next 12 months

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    One third of employers
    don’t view their organisation
    as diverse

  • When do people anticipate
    they will move jobs?

    One of the biggest findings from our survey is that Sales staff are far less likely to change jobs than people in other specialisms. The benchmark figure across the Professional Services' industry is 37%, whereas just 28% of Sales staff believe they’ll move on from their current employer in the next 12 months. One possible reason is that nine out of ten Sales professionals told us they have room for progression in their current role and have a clear career development plan.

  • Employees’ low job movement in the Sales industry may also be because of a positive working environment. Two thirds of businesses are offering hybrid working, as well as part-time working and agile working hours.

    Businesses are aware of the importance of looking at staff beyond the numbers, and treating them as individual people with individual needs, helping to retain current workforces.

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  • Employers and employees are also aligned on the perceived diversity in their organisations. 63% of employees think their organisation is either quite or very diverse, with two thirds of employers also believing the same. Having a higher level of diversity in a company has been linked to greater business success.


    There is general consensus across employers that hybrid and remote working will continue, with over 66% stating that hybrid working will either remain the same or employees won’t be needed in the office as regularly. A misconception with staff perhaps, as our findings show that employees anticipate they’ll be required in the office more often.


    As the Sales industry continues to evolve and respond to changing consumer behaviour, our data shows that retention will heavily be influenced by available career progression, soft skill training and consistent pay increases in line with performance – all leading to a rewarding fulfilling career.

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