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    96% of Accountancy & Finance
    employees believe they have
    the skills to do their job

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    Communication is the
    most sought after soft skill

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    26% of professionals are
    considering going freelance

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    Decision making and
    negotiation are a key skill
    employers are looking for

  • Whilst nearly all the employees we surveyed believe they have the skills to do their job, out of those that don’t, 50% believe this is due to a lack of training opportunities. The other 50% felt it was due to a challenging work-life balance. With 26% of Accountancy & Finance professionals considering going freelance, it’s important for employers to address these concerns to avoid losing talent.


    Out of the employers who took part in our survey, 93% believe their organisation has the talent to succeed. However, 86% stated that they have faced a skills shortage in the last 12 months.

  • Skills employers are seeking

    In the past, employers have looked mainly at a candidate’s previous experience and technical skills. However, employers are increasingly now looking beyond this, with soft skills becoming a priority. With the implementation of more AI solutions in the specialism, it’s no surprise that businesses are valuing social skills among existing teams and prospective employees.

  • Skills employers are seeking
    in prospective employees

    The three soft skills in the highest demand are communication and interpersonal skills, critical thinking and negotiation – with 46% of employers we surveyed saying they are seeking new staff with excellent communication. They are also looking for candidates with strong creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.


    Positively, we’re seeing that Accountancy & Finance businesses are willing to invest in their people. Over half of the employers we surveyed already provide career development opportunities and CPD as standard. Many firms are also offering hybrid and flexible working, supporting a positive work-life balance whilst providing job security.


    Our data shows that employers are willing to take the time and spend the money needed to ensure employees have the necessary skills and personal development opportunities to help them succeed.

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