• Job satisfaction

    What are employees looking for?

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    Over half of employees value
    benefits, career development and
    a rewarding role over anything else

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    61% of employees seek career
    fulfilment from meaningful work
    and a company with a culture
    and values that match their own

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    Salary is not the most important
    factor for employees

    when job searching

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    69% of employees are satisfied
    with their salary in current roles

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    41% of employers list staff retention
    as their 
    biggest challenge over 
    the next 12 months

  • With job vacancies still at a record high, it’s no surprise that in the current market it’s becoming increasingly challenging for employers to attract and retain talent. As advised by the Office for National Statistics, vacancies from August to October in 2022, were, "429,000 (54%) above the January to March 2020 pre-coronavirus level." With so much choice, job seekers can afford to be picky and look for roles that offer more than a competitive salary.

    Our survey data shows just that, with 74% of employees stating they’d be willing to take a pay cut in order to have a better work-life balance or a job that provides more rewarding work. Furthermore, our findings illustrate that people are willing to go further and take a pay cut on top of a salary they already feel isn’t quite right, in order to be happy.

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    “These figures illustrate a shift from a monetary focused job search. Telling us that three out of four people are actually looking for a remuneration package that goes beyond a competitive salary, but more importantly, supports their personal needs and aspirations.”


    Ed O’Connell, Managing Director for Professional Services

  • Reasons for job dissatisfaction

    Employees also highlighted heavy workloads and lack of manager / leader support as a barrier to job satisfaction, an issue which continues to be a challenge.


    So, on a more specific level what are people looking for? When asked which factors are most important when considering a new role, benefits (such as; private medical insurance and corporate discounts), career development and challenging work trumped the list.

  • What factors are most important to
    you when considering a new role?

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  • What provides you with the
    fulfilment in your role?

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  • How are employers responding?


    Employers are certainly aware of the necessity to support employees with a range of benefits, with 40% of companies offering additional days off for wellbeing needs and 39% providing maternity and paternity packages that are above the statutory minimum.


    Furthermore, just under half of businesses surveyed said they recognise the need and importance of offering CPD programmes to attract new employees. However, only 16% state that they offer financial support for training and professional studies. With career development ranking so high on an employees’ agenda, this is clearly something employers need to review.

    Standard benefits

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