• At Search, we understand how essential it is for businesses and employees to keep up to date with the latest recruitment demands. Providing market insight on salary ranges, required skills and future workforce trends, ensures:

    • Businesses remain compliant with salary averages helping them to avoid ‘price fixing’ and potential violation of legal requirements

    • Employers stay competitive, attract talent and retain employees

    • Employees receive accurate and fair compensation

    • Talent and HR teams are equipped with accurate data to support career development

    To support this, we’ve created our 2023 Professional Services Salary Guide. Surveying thousands of employers and employees who work in the Professional Services sector, we’ve gathered key insights on:

    • Salaries and in-demand jobs

    • New and emerging workplace trends

    • Key business changes over the past 12 months

    • Employment predictions for the next 12 months

    With businesses returning to pre-pandemic service levels and hiring continuing to be a priority, it can be challenging to find the time to stay up to date. Our Professional Services Salary Guide will help you do just that, providing you with the latest data and opinions to help you make those key decisions.

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